My name is James and I’m a fourth generation pit-master and all around lover of good ol’ Southern soul food!

Southern soul food cooking is something that has to be experienced to be believed. It is more than just food, it is a culture and to some an almost religious experience. It’s food for the soul that sticks to your ribs, warms your heart, and lifts you up as you eat. This is one of the reasons that a good soul food dining location will be completely different from any of the other restaurants around it.

While there are some staple foods in this genre such as collards, crawdads, and jambalaya, a lot of it is also just up to the way the cook grew up. Soul food is more about the spices, the preparation and the atmosphere than anything else.

All across the southern USA you find people who are engrossed in the culture and willing to serve you up a dish that will show you what it is all about. So look around and see if you have a real soul food restaurant in your area. Better yet, see if there are any food festivals in your area! The atmosphere will be one a kind, and you might even learn more about another culture.

Chitterlings Are Not That Bad

My grandmother was originally from the South too, so we always had chitterlings on holidays. This is another term for pig intestines, and many people do not like them at all. This is probably because they smell so bad that they make you want to open all of the windows and stick your head out of them. I guess the idea of eating something that stinks is far too much for some people to bear. The funny thing is that something that smells that bad surprisingly tastes really good if they are cleaned well and prepared right.

The cleaning process is pretty extensive, especially if you but the ones that come in a large, red bucket. Those are the ones that my grandmother purchased when I was growing up, but certainly not the ones I have got from the market since I have become an adult. I buy these bags that claim to be precleaned, but I end up taking the time to reclean them myself. The last thing in the world that any wants to eat is pig intestines that are still full of all kind of yucky stuff. It is a tough job, but worth it once you get a taste with a little hot sauce added to it.