When I was growing up, we would take road trips down to Florida and we used to stop at a lot of different restaurants along the way. Since I became an adult, I have also looked into a bunch of different restaurants all along the southern border, including Alabama, Louisiana, Kentucky and Texas.

Now I am interested in being able to gather some of the best southern soul food cooking recipes so that I can create some of my favorite dishes that I sampled when we traveled in my childhood. I already have some pretty great chicken recipes and I have yet to try one for a jambalaya that I feel in love with years ago. What would be great is if there were a few different cooking classes that I could take centered on this kind of cooking.

Are there some collections of soul food cooking recipes online or is there a good group that I could get involved in for people who love these recipes? My sister got me a cookbook for my birthday last year, but I am only fond of a few of the recipes that I found in there. Any information on the best southern cooking and soul food recipes would be very helpful!