I am a big fan of soul food, but my waistline is not. The good thing is that I have figured out a way to make all of my favorites without adding more pounds to my already large frame. The key is to focus on adding big flavors without the fat.

One example of this is my potato salad. While some people slather this in mayonnaise, I use a low fat sour cream instead. I am not going to say that it tastes exactly the same, but it is close enough when you are having a craving and you don’t want the extra fat.

Another idea is removing the pork from pinto beans and black eyed peas. You can use vegetable or meat stock to give it a ton of flavor without all of the added calories. Again, this does not taste the same, but after eating them this way for a while, you may actually prefer it.

There are some things that I have not been able to adjust, like roasted ham, but I just save them for holiday dinners. That way I can keep my health in order while still enjoying some of my faves. It’s just easier on my conscience, and my pant sizes.