This past Thanksgiving, I decided that I was going to stick to a vegetarian diet I forced myself to be on and have only veggies for dinner. My mom makes collard greens, but she fills them with a ridiculous amount of pork. I decided to take my own fresh greens over there and make them without using any meat. They laughed at me and told me that they would not have that much flavor. I tried to explain that there are many ways to make them great without adding all kinds of pig parts. My big shot brother in law showed up (in a limousine, of course) and had to lecture us on the whole butchering process. Um, thanks Greg.

We both made a batch and we decided that we would have someone taste test them. Apparently, they liked mine the best. I ended up breaking my diet and having some of my mom’s greens. It is funny that I used to love them so much, yet now I prefer the way that I make them. This does not mean that hers are bad or anything, trust me I ate a bunch of them, but I think that mine packed a bigger flavor punch since I had to add so many things to make up for the lack of meat.